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Nvidia geeforce GT 610 on Debian Squeeze issue

Nennad : March 8, 2013 10:02 pm : Code blog, Linux, Main News

Recently I have installed and configured several Debian boxes, more specifically Debian GNU/Linux 6.0 (Squeeze). I had strange issue on one machine, after initial installation I could not get Display to work properly. Monitor was detected as Unknown, and resolution / screen layout was really bad. Proc architecture was Intel 64 bit, and gfx card was relativly new Nvidia geeforce GT 610.

I tried very hard several solutions given on this Debian Nvidia graphic drivers guide. Everything I googled pointed back to this guide but I had no luck and ran into issues. Installed drivers, configured xorg.conf manually and by nvidia-xconfig, ran some randr-s, reconfigured gdm versions to match, gazed at /var/log/Xorg.0.log for hours... but nothing helped.

That might not mean that it would not help you – I probably did something wrong along the way or driver was not fully supported by my setup. more »

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Configuration management in Durpal 7

Nennad : March 2, 2013 5:29 pm : Code blog, Drupal, Main News

In Drupal, configuration is kept in database. That is really pain in the neck when you start thinking of version controlling. There are several modules trying to solve this important question, and it seems that Features in combination with Strongarm module is only stable and reliable way around.

I use this approach too, but it is not automagic. You can sweep nicely content types and fields, views and few other modules that are compatible. But for other ones, you need Strongarm, which will expose variables table, which may contain module confing.

Strongarm will not be magic wand too. You do not know out-of-the-box which variable your contrib module uses for config, and which one is transiental. And there is no way (I would like to know if there is!) to know that, other than manually inspect modules for config ones. To make life even more painfull, naming convention of some contrib modules does not follow expected standards. You will find yourself picking wrong variable and in no time your Features module will be overriden!

Also, there is very blurry line what is content and what is config. If you have editors working on live site, you may not want get Menus and Taxonomies version controlled, as they may override you working in their Environment. You will need to spend some time thinking about architecture of maintaining your site. more »

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Acquia Drupal site scanner

Nennad : February 9, 2013 12:20 pm : Drupal, Main News

Acquia website features interesting service on their frontpage:  remote Drupal site scanner!

Type in url of your Drupal page and your it will get tested (from outside, of course). After scan is finished, you will get results in the form of grades. It will check for performance, security, SEO and Best practices.

You will also receive nicely formatted pdf with detailed information of the scan. Except the security – they will need to validate you as a site owner to provide you with that info.

They will also need you to register with them to get advanced data, which i did. Hey, these are people which created Drupal :) .
If you win A+ grade, you have a chance to get  a very cool shirt with Expert Drupalist Logo for free.
I am waiting to receive mine :) .

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